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Nestled high and surrounding the city of Kalambaka, lies one of the most impressive and imposing geological phenomena, the rocks of Meteora, also considered as one of the greatest monuments worldwide. Starting from the 10th century, when the first monasteries of Meteora were constructed, and amongst Mount Athos, these were the only two establishments that managed to preserve and maintain vital written manuscripts and safeguard our culture and tradition. In addition to this invaluable contibution, the monks also rescued and spread the art of viticulture and winemaking, during the hard times of the Turkish occupation, and following the liberation of the land, viticulture flourished greatly in the region. In the vicinity of the monasteries, wine regions were developed.

Nowadays, we also make a special effort in order to achieve the revival of the cultivation of the vine.

North of the Holy Rocks of Meteora, the holy paths lead to the vineyards and the winery facilities of Domaine Liakou. If desired, one can easily reach our Domaine driving through the paved route, following the road towards Grevena and in the 22nd km turning east to Deskati, and crossing a distance of 2 km, our Domaine is easily located.