A short tour

The winery Domaine Liakou is spotted at the 24 km in the route that leads from the town of Kalabaka to Deskati village. Our winery makes the best possible use of the grapes growing in bοth the vineyards of the Domaine and those belonging to our associate agriculturalists in the Meteora region, and which are located no further than 3 km from our winery, in order to ensure in this way, fast and direct delivery of the grapes to our Domaine. The cooling of the grapes takes place in a separate freezing room, and it lasts no less than 24 hours. This way, all its beneficial organic features are preserved and not “lost” in the winemaking process. And taking advantage of the gravity generated, “crushing” transpires at an altitude of four meters. Vinification occurs in specially designed “pressing” fermentation tanks, in controlled cooling temperatures. Following “crushing”, the wine is transferred into cellars for aging, and it is placed in French oak barrels- specially selected to accommodate each variety accordingly.

Domaine Liakou, is open for visits of wine lovers and those who want to explore and become acquainted with the alluring world of wine. The package includes a short visit in the vineyard and a tour in the grounds of production, bottling and aging of the wine. And if desired, the visitor is, also, entitled to taste our Domaine’s wines in a special room.