About us

At the beginning, we only had the will, the love and a small vineyard. In 2006, and possessing an eco-friendly attitude, we first started cultivating our vineyards, deploying systems of integrated management systems and organic farming. In 2009, the first privately owned winery is established, which possess the features of a sole proprietorship business, with main activity the production of wine. Our goal is to create high and fine quality wines, acquiring all the assets of the microclimate of the region.


Having the proper respect towards the natural environment, the planting of grapevines occurred after the conduction of soil analysis for determining the most appropriate grounds for grape production in the region. From the very beginning, the method of integrated management was followed. Nowadays, in the privately owned vineyards, viticulture is carried out with the personal care of the Liakou family and wine experts associates to ensure that the grapes produced, possess the finest quality. The low-yielding vines combined with the rigorous selection of grapes during the harvest, guarantee the best possible quality of grapes for winemaking. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 470 meters, sunward, south-facing, on sloping grounds and clay-loam soils.


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